Ready to Lease Your Convenience Store?

Expediting the process from start to finish.

Leasing Convenience Stores

Southwest Petroleum Realty specializes in short and long-term lease agreements. We start by determining a goodwill business value and discussing the benefits of leasing versus selling. Our services include securing tenants with good credit history and industry experience, and we provide industry specific leases.

Southwest Petroleum Realty offers full-service approach that allows you to manage a consistent revenue stream without the hassle of managing day-to-day operations.

  1. Superior Marketing: Market to qualified prospects in our extensive database.
  2. Specialized Leasing Agreements: Develop options for short or long-term leases. 
  3. Custom Templates: Provide industry-specific lease templates.
  4. Quality Purchase Agreements: Provide purchase agreements specific to the goodwill business value.