Every day, our country runs on the easy accessibility and versatility of the convenience store business.

About Us

The freedom to "gas up and go," or dash in for a necessity or two - whenever and wherever we need.

The convenience store and fuel supply industry is tailor-made for visionaries. Those who understand the importance of maintaining the traditions our country loves.

Southwest Petroleum Realty specializes in showing clients how to cash in on this proven business staple, by providing a detailed road map to success and financial freedom. Whether you're interested acquiring your very first property, expanding your interests with additional units, or divesting yourself of a current holding, Southwest Petroleum Realty can help.

Our track record with hundreds of satisfied customers serves as proof of our capability. Let us assist in plotting your course.

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Over 50 Years of Combined CRE Experience

Southwest Petroleum Realty started as a family business. Jim McWhirter began his career in Petroleum Marketing with Exxon in 1970, specializing in retail site selection and retail/wholesale marketing. His son, Grant McWhirter, worked in commercial financing at JP Morgan Chase after graduating from Texas Tech University.

After Grant received his real estate broker license, the father-son team partnered to form Southwest Petroleum Marketing and Realty Group in 2004. Together, they’ve grown the company to focus on the sale of convenience stores and fuel distributorships.

We have the Petroleum Marketing Experience That Counts

  1. Developed select geographic marketing areas while consulting with major oil companies.
  2. Negotiated and secured branded fuel contracts for various fuel distributors.

  1. Successfully facilitated the sales of both single-store sites and multi-store operations.
  2. Guaranteed future growth for clients by refinancing their debt to free up funds to expand current operations.
  3. Facilitated funding to provide entrepreneurs with the buying power to purchase their first convenience store.
  4. Established a comprehensive industry database for the entire United States.
  5. Provided small business owners with the ability to lease commercial sites rather than purchase.


  • Southwest Petroleum Marketing represented our company and facilitated the sale of 9 stores with fuel supply agreements. This was a difficult transaction, and without their involvement it would not have happened. They have since handled the sale of 4 stores for various customers, including the transfer of our existing supply agreements to the buyers. They are our “go to broker” when we are looking to buy or sell a site, or an existing customer is looking to sell their store. Jeff Frost, Frost Oil Co.

  • Thanks for everything! We have known each other since 1970 and worked in business together since 1993. During those years, with your assistance, we have built a small company into a large investment. Your counsel and assistance has been flawless. My favorite part of the relationship is trust. We have been friends and trusted associates for a lifetime, so there are no surprises. Whenever an opportunity arises which involves market development and real estate, we seek your counsel and assistance. We have done so many successful transactions together I am at a loss to enumerate them. However, we are eternally grateful for your friendship and great real estate assistance. Bill Douglass , Douglass Distributing Company

  • I have had the opportunity to work with Jim and Grant McWhirter, Owners of Southwest Petroleum Marketing & Realty Group for 18+ years and found them to be honest, working all projects to completion and standing behind their results. Rick Golman - CEO & Founder/Owner of Multiple C-Store Chains and Fuel Distributorships, Former TFFA President