Professional Assistance Buying Gas Stations, Convenience Stores
(C-Stores), Fuel Distributorships, and Petroleum Retail Properties since 2004

Buying Convenience Stores

When purchasing a convenience store, you have a lot to consider. How much market share will you be able to capture? How will you fare against the competition? What will you do in the event of stagnant growth? As your buyer's agent, Southwest Petroleum Realty will take the lead and guide you step-by-step through the purchase process. With the right approach and our guidance, you can rest assured you are investing in a gas station or chain that matches your investment goals.

One huge benefit to working with Southwest Petroleum Realty is our access to a broader range of properties. We can provide access to a larger selection of gas stations for sale in your area, including those that may not be publicly listed. This can give you a better chance of finding the perfect property that meets your needs and budget. If you are looking to lease c stores, we can assist with that process too.

  1. Clear Communication: We enjoy meeting buyers one-on-one to understand their investment goals and objectives.
  2. Due Diligence: We ensure that contract requirements are met and all feasibility study documents are
    secured from the start of the purchase process.
  3. Knowledge: Our extensive industry knowledge (environmental, fuel supply, financing, project cash
    flow evaluations, etc) allows us to assure all projects and transactions progress smoothly
    for all parties involved.
  4. Attention to Detail: Direct communication with all parties (buyer, seller, title company, counsel, lender) up
    to and after the closing date.
  5. Smooth Transitions: Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition through continued relationships with all parties after the transaction is complete.